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Denis Arndt

Denis Arndt



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Dennis Arndt
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Denis Arndt is most famed for his roles in L.A. Law, Annie McGuire and Basic Instinct. He was also the host, writer and producer of The Uncle Sam Movie Collection. Arndt served as a US Army pilot for ten years. He's a member of the Oregon Shakespearean Festival.…more


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  • Great actor!

    The first time I saw Denis on Tv was in L.A. Law (the greatest show of all times). I adored and still adore Rosalind Shays (Diana Muldaur)and I also fell for her lawyer Jack Sollers. He is so funny! I love the Shays-trial and I watch it again and again! I love the fact that it shows that Denis is a Shakespearean actor, by the way he moves and talks. His lines are among the best lines in the whole show. I was sadly surprised to discover, when season 6 started, that the producers had dropped him just like they had dropped adorable Diana the season before...

    It's been great seeing Denis as a guest-star in Chicago Hope, Ally Macbeal, The Practice and Boston Legal. We don't get to see him that often here in Sweden...moreless