Denis Leary

Denis Leary


8/18/1957, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

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Dennis Leary, Jim Florentine
  • Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) on Rescue Me f...
  • Denis Leary on Rescue Me from the Season 6.
  • Dennis Leary stars as Tommy Gavin in Res...
  • Dennis Leary stars as Tommy Gavin in Res...
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Denis was born to Irish immigrants Nora and John Leary. He attended Emerson College in Boston, dabbling in acting and writing. He was a founding member of Emerson's Comedy Workshop. He worked as a stand-up comic in the twilight of the late-80's comedy boom, and achieved some notoriety…more


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  • All is ephemeral, but not fast enough for how this one-trick pony screen writing and soap opera has evolved. What started out as an original premise has become a booze drowning, drug addled and completely misogynistic porno offering.moreless

    Like Leary's comedy this show is aggressive and hostile and not in a good Lenny Bruce way. An insult to all authentic and dedicated emergency workers. Don't they read, listen or watch the news? 2001 is GONE! The whole world is in a different place. In 2009 we need _R_E_A_L_ comedy and caring about characters. Not the Schendenfreude and gross sexual content promoted as entertainment.

    I am happy for the other actors who are paid and have little to do, but I don't think they are. I have to enter 100 words and it's not worth the effort.

  • At first I did not know how to take his character. He is a "Rebel at Heart!" Dennis is very passionate about his character wanting to care, to sneak around and cheat, drink, cuss, beatup others, while trying to understand life around him minute by minute.moreless

    Dennis is the kind of guy that I would have to hide from each day, but at the same time watch how he handles life as it comes at him. Sure, I am like any other woman who would cherish making a shoot with him, but like I said, I would have to be in the background. No, I wouldn't want to be his best friend or someone he has a fling with. Just a stand by watching and learning waiting for my chance to say "How can I help?" Hey Dennis, maybe I could be your Angel...OK? I promise to behave...HA!moreless