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  • All is ephemeral, but not fast enough for how this one-trick pony screen writing and soap opera has evolved. What started out as an original premise has become a booze drowning, drug addled and completely misogynistic porno offering.

    Like Leary's comedy this show is aggressive and hostile and not in a good Lenny Bruce way. An insult to all authentic and dedicated emergency workers. Don't they read, listen or watch the news? 2001 is GONE! The whole world is in a different place. In 2009 we need _R_E_A_L_ comedy and caring about characters. Not the Schendenfreude and gross sexual content promoted as entertainment.
    I am happy for the other actors who are paid and have little to do, but I don't think they are. I have to enter 100 words and it's not worth the effort.
  • At first I did not know how to take his character. He is a "Rebel at Heart!" Dennis is very passionate about his character wanting to care, to sneak around and cheat, drink, cuss, beatup others, while trying to understand life around him minute by minute.

    Dennis is the kind of guy that I would have to hide from each day, but at the same time watch how he handles life as it comes at him. Sure, I am like any other woman who would cherish making a shoot with him, but like I said, I would have to be in the background. No, I wouldn't want to be his best friend or someone he has a fling with. Just a stand by watching and learning waiting for my chance to say "How can I help?" Hey Dennis, maybe I could be your Angel...OK? I promise to behave...HA!
  • Finally on a show that can keep up him.

    I'm a big fan of "Rescue Me." I've wanted to be a fan of Leary for years, but the shows I've seen him in were hard to watch. I tried hard for "The Job," but it was tough. Leary's character is well suited, and therefore typecast, as an angry, abusive, loudmouth. His characters are definitely antiheroes with the drugs, alcohol, and cheating. However, in "Rescue Me," the chemistry seems to work. Plus, he does get to stretch his legs a little bit as he grows into a dad, a friend, and a husband. I hope they can keep up the originality for a few more seasons.
  • Denis Leary, The man!

    Denis Leary, to enjoy him you probably need a few personal qualities or at least enjoy comedy and or dramas with: Sarcasm, Pessimism, Irony... wait make that very dark irony... and probably the ability to laugh at what is probably no a very light subject.

    Anyways, Go watch The Ref, any of his stand up then hit Rescue Me.

    I have always enjoyed Denis due to our common feelings, thoughts and philosophy's. I try to see his stand up acts every time he works in LA. That said after seeing the first 3 Seasons of Rescue Me I'm completely in awe of his ability to write, direct, act and produce the hands down most talented, twisted show ever to be made to date.

    Every episode you think...

    "Man this S**T is so twisted that there is no way to top it!" But then the next week you tune in, your jaw drops and you think F**K he's gone even further and even more insane.

    If you have not watched Rescue me yet due your self a favor and get the DVD so you can watch the episodes in order. Its not as critical as 24 to see them in order but to fully appreciate the story line its required.
  • Leary is a genious!

    Great writer, good actor and inspiring to many people who have taken the time to get to know that character of Tommy Gavin and his men. Funny thing is, I couldn't stand the guy as a comic, until Rescue Me aired! Now I've gone back to review a lot of his material. Guess there really is a place in the world for an angry young man, especially if he's really got something to say. Thanks a bunch, Leary.
    Enjoying it!
  • empty

    Denis Leary is a true actor as he can pull off the dramatic role just as well as he can pull off the comedic role. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "The Sandlot."
  • Second generation fan

    Though I am a second generation fan, not discovereing how great he was until he began the show Rescue Me, you can still really see how great he is now and how great he must have been in the past. He is defenitely a seasoned actor that brings something to the screen that not everyone can. A flair for the dramatic and an excellent skill for emotion I think he has really found his role on Rescue Me.
  • He's all-round talented!

    I first knew of Denis Leary from his comedy albums, and the song, maybe his most famous song, "I'm An A**hole", which I thought was hilarious. I've heard some of his other comedy albums, and always thought that they were funny.

    I was surprised when I first saw him in movies, but he did well in them. He was quite funny in "The Ref", and also in "Demolition Man", where he pretty much played himself, and did one of his comedy rants as the main scene that he was in. I was even more surprised when I saw him in "Rescue Me". And it was nothing like his comedy stuff, it was serious. And it was good. He proved himself to be a good actor, and someone who could do more than just his comedy routines on screen. The show is moving, and Leary is great in it. He should do more shows, and more comedy!
  • Rescue Me is one of the finest shows on TV. It deals with families, feelings, with everyday life circumstances. All the actors/actresses does great, but the one that is outstanding is no other than Tommy.Tommy gives the show exactly what the viewers want

    Rescue Me is another all time favorite of mine. I loved the very first episode right up to the last episode of the season. I was so disappointed though, after all that time Tommy wanted his family back, and finally got it back together, then of all things his son got killed.I am so looking forward to their next season. Dennis Leary is the best.
  • Huge Success!

    Denis has been searching for the role to fall into that was made for him. He found that in Rescue Me. I personally loved The Job. But then again, I even loved Operation Dumbo Drop! On Rescue Me, Denis proves he can become anything. he is an evil, alcoholic, idiot and yet somehow you are feeling bad for his character. You want him to be happy so he may have a good life. Every time he gets close to that he destroys it on his own yet again. This is the mark of true genius. Denis created this role and has studied its realms and comes off as so realistic that you want to jump onscreen and choke him sometimes. It is classic! He is a "REAL HERO" with all its flaws. I adore denis, his comedy and dislike that he is so underrated as an actor. He beats all the usuals far and away!
  • Underappreciated, yet highly talented and very funny comedian ... turned actor

    I have found Dennis Leary funny since I saw his comedy bits during the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. His witty, sarcastic sense of humor has always appealed to me. Then, with the emergence of Rescue Me, on which he has the starring role, he showed that he was quite talented as an actor too.
  • I like the new Gavin....he's all a woman can ask for. I like the religious side to him, it helps promote values.

    I like the new Gavin....he's all a woman can ask for. I like the religious side to him, it helps promote values. It may help people out there who are struggling with personal problems and find hope in God and in their religious beliefs. I found this very touching, especially coming from such a HOT, good looking guy like him.
  • Denis' brand of comedy sure hits the sweet spot

    When i was first exposed to Denis' awsome brand of stand up comedy, i was overly impressed with how funny this phycopathic schizophrenic asshole is. With No Cure for Cancer, Lock and Load, and his movies and TV shows such as Rescue Me and Dawg.

    There is ltitle reason to hate this guy, unless your:
    -A Wimp
    -Not Funny
    -Too stupid to get the jokes
    -A cop
    -a federal agent
    -Hate comedy
    -Did i already mention Religious?

    Well lets all hail Father Leary then!

    We also cant forget the Leary FireFighters Assosiation.