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  • All is ephemeral, but not fast enough for how this one-trick pony screen writing and soap opera has evolved. What started out as an original premise has become a booze drowning, drug addled and completely misogynistic porno offering.

    Like Leary's comedy this show is aggressive and hostile and not in a good Lenny Bruce way. An insult to all authentic and dedicated emergency workers. Don't they read, listen or watch the news? 2001 is GONE! The whole world is in a different place. In 2009 we need _R_E_A_L_ comedy and caring about characters. Not the Schendenfreude and gross sexual content promoted as entertainment.
    I am happy for the other actors who are paid and have little to do, but I don't think they are. I have to enter 100 words and it's not worth the effort.