Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby


11/24/1957, Hollywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Denise Michelle Crosby


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Not everyone born in Hollywood, California, has famous family connections. Denise Crosby's early and young adult life, however, were influenced by her status as Bing Crosby's grandchild and Blake Edwards's daughter-in-law. There is no doubt Crosby has steadily forged her own niche in the entertainment industry, from her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Should've stayed with Star Trek!

    When I was a kid, Star Trek: The Next Generation was my favorite tv series. I still enjoy watching the reruns today. It was the character of Tasha Yar that got me interested in the show. As a young girl, I enjoyed finding a strong female role model. I remember crying when Tasha was killed off. I still watched the show, but without Denise Crosby, it seemed empty to me. At the time, I thought that Denise was a great actress. I watched everything with her in it that I could find, even The Eliminators, possibly the worst film ever to be produced. Looking at both Star Trek: TNG and Denise\'s acting from an adult standpoint, I find that I was overly generous in my previous gauge of her abilities. Denise actually overacts quite a bit. For example, in Deep Impact (now there\'s an under-rated movie!) every time another character speaks, Denise\'s eyes practically bug out of her head. It\'s laughable, really. I\'m not surprised she never achieved real fame. Her talents were, well, limited. She should\'ve stuck with Trek!moreless