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  • One foxy dame

    I think Mrs. Nicholas is one of the best looking, charming and professional black women in film. Did I mention beautiful? The last film I seen her in was Piece of the Action. I wish I was Bill Cosby. I mean come'on her talent and skills were out of sight.
  • \\\"Freshwater Road\\\", A great historical novel for the young and the old.

    Denise Nicholas has written a new novel. Her historical novel is entitled \\\"Freshwater Road\\\". Ms. Nicholas has worked hard to become an author by going back to school and taking a writing workshop. In all it took her five years to complete. This book is about the summer of 1964 and the \\\"Freedom Summer\\\" voter registration drive that took place in Mississippi. Through ficticious characters, Ms. Nicholas takes you through the torment and fear that the freedom volunteers endured. She also gives some historical facts about things that occured during that time. Great work. Congratulations on your new found success.