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  • Can't stand her.

    Can't act.
  • Something in the way she Smiles

    Densise Richards is beautiful and also has strength. She is a woman who is both soft but totally character driven, and it comes off in her roles. She hasn't relaly been given the right role yet that maximizes this unique and fabulous quality she has. Definitely a babe, a total babe. Is not a clone.
  • Bond girl, celebrity husbands, mediocre acting

    I am seeing two extremes on the reviews, so need to make a post. The first thing I noticed with Denise is her appearance. She is a Bond Girl! I don't believe she is a bad actor at all. However she just doesn't play the exceptional roles. She doesn't leave me anything to remember her for. I think her situation with Charlie boosted her awareness in the media as well. I can say that I am a fan of what she is a part of. Presently she is a MILF that would be fun to deal with. Now, Ritchie Sambora is a part of the mix.
  • Beauty isn't everything

    Ok maybe her personal life shouldn't play into a review but I just don't like the girl. How can she can just sit there and tear the father of her children down with lies and or exaggerations is beyond me. Then to top it all off she underminds Heather and Richie's relationship. Charlie may have his problems but this woman is just as scary and the thought of her trying to get sole custody, or whatever, of their children to have that much influence on them makes me feel sorry for those girls and what sort of life lessons she will teach them. Oh and her*yawn*.