Denise Riffle

Denise Riffle


6/18/1971, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Denise Riffle



Also Known As

Brittany Bottoms, Chastity
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She would interfere in most of Hak's matches & early in 2000 she was released by WCW. She then went to XPW (Xtreme Professional Wrestling) as the valet of Lizzy Borden (Janet Romano). She officially retired from wrestling near the end of 2000.

    • In 1998 after Justin fired her she also went to WCW and reunited with Raven playing the part of his wealthy sister. After a short time she turned against Raven and became the manager of Hardcore Hak aka Sandman (James Fullington).

    • Raven left in late 1997 to join WCW and would form a new group there called "Raven's Flock." Denise then became the valet for Justin Credible (Peter Joseph Polaco).

    • The members of Raven's Nest seemed to be ever changing as one wrestler would leave another would join & some other members were Don E. Allen, Dino Sendoff, The Heavenly Bodies, Lupus, Reggie Bennett, Stevie Richards & Tyler Fullington.

    • She next joined Raven's Nest who were Raven, Beulah McGillicutty, Brian Lee, the Bruise Brothers, Cactus Jack, the Dudleyz, the Eliminators, Kimona Wanalaya, Lori Fullington, Luna Vachon, Miss Patricia, the Pitbulls & Vampire Warrior.

    • In 1997 she went to ECW, changed her name to Chastity & became the valet for the B.W.O. (Blue World Order) who were the Blue Meanie (Brian Heffron), Nova aka Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) & Stevie Richards (Michael Manna).

    • Corporal Punishment & Raven (Scott Levy) trained Denise for the squared circle & in 1996 she began working on the independent circuit as a wrestling valet calling herself "Brittany Bottoms".

    • Denise is a former actress, professional wrestling manager and pro wrestling valet who went by the names of "Brittany Bottoms" on the Indy circuit and then went by "Chastity" after she joined ECW.

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