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    • At the start of her TV career, presenting the Saturday morning kid's TV show Massive!, Denise found herself at the centre of a controversy concerning an appearance on the show by horror-themed magician Simon Drake. During his appearance, Drake performed a version of Sawing a Woman in Half on Denise in which, as he sawed through her, blood poured from the box and she screamed in apparent agony before passing out. Having sawed through the box and separated Denise's halves, Drake simply walked between them and out of shot as the show cut to a commercial break. The graphic nature of the illusion, and the fact that Denise was not restored into one piece before the show cut to commercials, led to viewer complaints and the show being warned by regulators to moderate it's content. Despite the complaints and warning, Drake made several other appearances on the show to perform illusions on Denise.

    • Denise had a sunbed addiction when she was a teenager, which has left her with pigmentation scars on her face.

    • In April 2008, it was confirmed that Denise would carry the Beijing Olympic torch for part of the London leg.

    • Denise loves tomato sauce.

    • Denise hosted the 2006 Christmas National Lottery draw.

    • Denise managed to pay her school fees through the role of Eponine in the stage production of Les Miserables.

    • In 2003, Denise had a one-woman show called Tell Me on a Sunday.

    • Denise's first kiss was with fellow Sylvia Young student James Lance.

    • She used to do backing vocals for the band Dreadzone.

    • In 2007, Denise lent her support to Breast Cancer Care, helping to design t-shirts and vest for the 'Little Tee Campaign'.

    • Denise was once a glamour model in the 1990s, posing nude and topless for adult magazines.

    • She was intrigued at all the attention her bum caused while filming for The Empresses' New Clothes.

    • In January 2008, Denise became the co-host of Capital Radio's breakfast show with Johnny Vaughn.

    • In 2007, Denise appeared in a TV commercial for the supermarket chain Morrisons.

    • In 2007, Denise was one of the judges at the Miss World pageant in Warsaw, Poland.

    • She is good friends with All Saints star Melanie Blatt.

    • Denise has a sister who is a doctor's assistant and a brother who is a hairdresser.

    • She is the youngest of three children.

    • As of February 2008, she is dating Lee Mead, who won the Any Dream Will Do contest for which she was one of the judges.

    • She used to be engaged to nightclub boss Richard Traviss.

    • She played the part of Maureen in the theatre version of Rent Remixed in 2007.

    • In 1999, she was part of the ABBAMania tribute band who did a cover of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).

    • In 1998, along with Johnny Vaughn, she reached #3 in the UK charts with Especially for You.

    • In 1995, along with the group Those 2 Girls, she reached #36 in the UK charts with All I Want.

    • In 2007, she topped a poll in Grazia magazine on who had the most desirable 'bikini body'.

    • She has appeared in the musical hit Chicago as Roxy Hart on both the West End and on Broadway.

    • Denise is right handed.

    • In 1999, Denise's bum won the 'Rear Of The Year' award.

    • In 1992, Denise appeared in a UK government drinking and driving campaign as a crash victim near death in a neckbrace. The campaign was considered so graphic that it could not be shown before 9pm.

    • As of 2007, Denise is dating Jason "Jay" Kay, the lead singer of British supergroup, Jamiroquai.

    • In 2002, Denise appeared in a TV commercial for Marks & Spencer.

    • Denise added the "van" in her name to make her name sound more interesting.

    • Denise writes a showbiz gossip column published every Friday in 'The Sun', called "Denise the Menace" for 'The Source'.

    • In 1999, Denise appeared in a TV commercial for Nescafé coffee.

    • Denise is 5'6" (1.68 m) tall.

    • She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

  • Quotes

    • Denise: I'm not a ladette. I don't drink lager and get all lairy or hang out with the boys - I'm such a girl's girl. I love dancing round to the Nolans or Kylie.

    • Denise: I was really lucky in that I was successful from a young age but you do your growing up on air and make mistakes publicly in this business.

    • Denise: [on being inside a large birthday cake for Lord Ashcroft] It was quite a big comfortable cake. I had to sit down, like I was sitting on the loo. For about ten minutes.

    • Denise: [on receiving her Rear of the Year award] I'm really flattered. I've always enjoyed touching my bum.

    • Denise: When I meet a new guy, straight away I'm questioning whether he's 'The One'. You have to be brutal at my age, if it doesn't feel right, you have to move on.

    • Denise: I enjoy being single but at the same time I feel a little bit of pressure.

    • Denise: Men pretend they don't like to be nagged, but they love it, really. It makes them feel wanted.

    • Denise: There's a lot of good bums out there, but mine's obviously the best.

    • Denise: [on stealing from a loo in Buckingham Palace] I'm afraid being locked in a loo at the palace with all those things was just too tempting. I got myself into a right panic and stuffed an ashtray and a velvet cover for a loo tissue box up my cardigan. I was astonished nobody noticed. I sent the cover back with a small furry camel I bought on holiday and I wrote, 'Sorry, Ma'am, I didn't mean to give you the hump'. I know it's a bit naughty and I apologise now.

    • Denise: [on John Barrowman] I think he looks like Tom Cruise. I love him - whenever I do a TV show he knocks on my dressing room door with his willy hanging out.

    • Denise: Like a typical Gemini, I'm changeable, I can be two different types of people. I can be very outgoing, but sometimes very shy.