Dennis Farina





2/29/1944 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Dennis Farina is an American actor. He was in a large Italian family. He had two brothers and three sisters. In 1967 Dennis joined the police department. Farina was a police consultant for director, Michael Mann's early work. He first became interested in acting after he got a small role in one of Mann's movies. He then started acting at various Chicago theaters. Farina quite the force when Mann offered him a role in the Crime Story series. Other films Farina has appeared in include Manhunter, Midnight Run, Striking Distance, Get Shorty, Out Of Sight, Saving Private Ryan, Big Trouble, Snatch, The Mod Squad, and Stealing Harvard. In 2004 he got the role of Joe Fontana in Law And Order. Farina has three sons with his ex-wife, Patricia. Their names are Dennis Jr., Michael, and Joseph.