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  • Lord, what a man!!!

    Dennis Farina has to be one of the most gorgeous creatures that God ever decided to put on planet Earth. I am I gushing, you bet I am!!! From the first time I ever saw this embodiment of male eye candy, in "Crime Story", I have been a fan. The topper is that Farina is a decent actor also. He has stated that he doesn't get too worked up about the seriousness of acting, just tries to get it right the first time and go home. That to me is very refreshing as Farina was a law enforcement officer for eighteen years in Chicago before doing the acting gig and he has seen a side of life in a capacity that most of us would not care to view. I was thrilled when he joined the cast of "Law and Order" as Detective Joe Fontana and cried when he made the decision to leave the series after only two seasons. It was mighty nice knowing I was finally going to get a chance to see Farina on a weekly basis and boy, was it ever cool! Shame on you Mr.Farina for getting we females used to seeing you and then splitting! Nah, just joking! I could never stay mad at a man as hot as Farina!