Dennis Franz

Dennis Franz


10/28/1944, Maywood, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Dennis Franz Schlacta


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Dennis Franz was born Dennis Franz Schlacta in Maywood, a suburb of Chicago. His father was a German immigrant and both he and Franz's mother were postal workers. He has two sisters, named Marlene and Heidi. He graduated from Southern Illinois University and was drafted into the military.…more


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  • Dennis Franz really defined not just what a tough cop is but what an all around cop goes through.

    This guy defined what a tough cop is. Franz really is one of the best actors in the business in portraying what a gritty, tough nosed, cop should be.

    Forget about the other imposters out there (Vic Mackey) Franz's portrayal came way, way before. Characters like Andy Sipowicz and Det. Sal Benedetto in "Hill Street Blues" really showed all the depths that a cop should be.

    Andy was tough, gritty but could be also loving, caring and smart. Steven Boncho was smart he didn't just make this guy into an uncaring, criminal pig who abuses the badge to get what he wants. He did overboard sometimes but it's not to the absurd level that other shows do (like "The Shield") for shock value. Nope Sipowicz lost and gained partners, loved ones and through all this he really did grow as a person.

    Then you take a look at Franz's work with over thirty years in the business with memorable movie roles in flicks like "Blow Out", "Dressed to Kill", and "The Fury" and it's quite a decent list of work he's done.

    He's definitely the best actor in a cop drama ever and very few people really come close to him if any.moreless
  • Denis Franz has captivated audiences around the globe.

    Throughout his career Denis Franz has never failed to displease. Although semi - retired now, his greatest show was probably the long running police drama NYPD Blue which at first, in 1993, was thought to be stretching the limits until people realized that it really wasn't that inappropriate. Playing small roles in different movies, as well as guest starring on numerous amounts of shows, he never manages to disappoint. A star with probably one last main role left in him, he will go down in the books as one to play some of the different roles. An Emmy award winner among other awards he truly is a diverse being.moreless