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  • to dennis franz

    i am requesting an 8x10 to place on my wall of fame. you will be in a company of five presidents to name a few.

    greg fedorowicz

    686 orange tree drive

    orange tree drive

    orange city fl, 32763

    i am a disabled veteran and served in the us navy. it shows in your bio you served in vietnam and i am glad to say thank you for your service during those years. i guess you can say to compare i am the youngster. i enlisted in 8/1/1979 and switched to pdrl 12/22/1998 under chapter 61. i am retired due to a injury on board the uss haliburton ffg 40. two questions, can you please send me a 8x10 and 2nd which service did you serve in, army, navy, air force, or marines
  • Dennis Franz really defined not just what a tough cop is but what an all around cop goes through.

    This guy defined what a tough cop is. Franz really is one of the best actors in the business in portraying what a gritty, tough nosed, cop should be.

    Forget about the other imposters out there (Vic Mackey) Franz's portrayal came way, way before. Characters like Andy Sipowicz and Det. Sal Benedetto in "Hill Street Blues" really showed all the depths that a cop should be.

    Andy was tough, gritty but could be also loving, caring and smart. Steven Boncho was smart he didn't just make this guy into an uncaring, criminal pig who abuses the badge to get what he wants. He did overboard sometimes but it's not to the absurd level that other shows do (like "The Shield") for shock value. Nope Sipowicz lost and gained partners, loved ones and through all this he really did grow as a person.

    Then you take a look at Franz's work with over thirty years in the business with memorable movie roles in flicks like "Blow Out", "Dressed to Kill", and "The Fury" and it's quite a decent list of work he's done.

    He's definitely the best actor in a cop drama ever and very few people really come close to him if any.
  • Denis Franz has captivated audiences around the globe.

    Throughout his career Denis Franz has never failed to displease. Although semi - retired now, his greatest show was probably the long running police drama NYPD Blue which at first, in 1993, was thought to be stretching the limits until people realized that it really wasn't that inappropriate. Playing small roles in different movies, as well as guest starring on numerous amounts of shows, he never manages to disappoint. A star with probably one last main role left in him, he will go down in the books as one to play some of the different roles. An Emmy award winner among other awards he truly is a diverse being.
  • During the 1997-1998 seasons of NYPD Blue, Andy Sipowiz was diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer.

    Dennis Franz's portrayal of a man afflicted with prostate cancer was true to life. During the discovery phase (symptoms)fear of the initial diagnosis, the denial and hiding the news from his wife, (Sharon Lawrence)was typical of what men during that time were facing. For many going through this process the episodes were painful to watch but on the other hand very theraputic. It was a relief that the disease was finally being publicized and the ultimate outcome for the prostate cancer community was being acknowledge and accepted. Franz was moving,realistic and often times provided comic relief to an otherwise emotionally draining situation. The writers provided accurate written material for the very talented actor to leave a lasting impression on the viewers with the ultimate outcome of possibly saving someone's life through early diagnosis. Many male viewers became less afraid to be screened as Andy Sipowiz went through his journey and many of the women in their lives felt they weren't alone because of the interaction between Franz and Lawrence. How many times do actors have the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of their viewers and fans. The response from the prostate cancer community was not just favorable but would be perceived as a standing ovation.