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  • DENNIS HAYSBERT is the best actor on televison today!

    DENNIS HAYSBERT is the heart and soul of the Unit. He is a dynamic actor who exhudes the leadership, power, trust, grit, loyalty, warmth and steely do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission strength! He is just what everyone would as a leader: a soldier would want as a commander: a family would want as a father. Mr. Haysbert has the quality we need so desperately, a person to look up to. A person to make us feel comfortable, that we are in able hands. As Senator McCain said in response to a question during the 2008 campaign: Would you consider the actions of "Jack Bauer" be considered torture?; "I hope there are a couple of "Jack Bauers" out there, for our sakes." If, the Unit is not picked up: Dennis should consider reprising his role from "24" President Palmer,but not on television, in the real world. Enter politics!
  • A wonderful, seasoned actor. I'll watch anything he plays in. Oh yea, love his voice!!!

    Dennis Haysbert is a awesome actor. His ability to play any role is mind blowing. I personally think he is one of the top male actors around. I would compare his career to " a bottle of wine" it just keeps getting better and better with time. I look forward to seeing him act in many roles to come. I especially loved his portrayal of the President David Palmer in "24". I love his current role in "The Unit". Though Dennis plays strong will roles you can still see the softer side of Dennis Haysbert within. Something's you just can't hide
  • Nothing but pure talent....

    Dennis tops the charts in everything he does. He was fantastic in the 24 series and I think he could win the Presidency in real life if he chose to run. The guy has that 'Midas Touch' on every show or commercial he appears in and I look forward to seeing what his newest challenge will be. 'The Unit' just wouldn't be a unit without his leadership and command. Dennis is every mans man; loves his wife, loves his country, loves his daughter and is strong & gentle at the same time. Too bad more of us couldn't be like him as fathers and leaders in our country. The men he portrays as an actor make the viewing audience feel safe in their own lives and personal feelings. We need more actors like him and more men in our country to stand up and be more like the characters he plays. Show responsibility, strength and honor in all you do.
  • Love absolutely everything he does

    This man is a great actor. I love him on the unit. He made a convincing pres on 24, and shoot, i even love him on the allstate commercials! He is just soo cool! He opens his mouth, and i listen. One of the best moments of the unit was when he hid down in Central America. He looked so stinking cool with those sunglasses on and the shaved head and goatee! He is the definition of Bad A-- (pardon that one... but i couldn't think of a better way to put it)
    Excellent actor, deserves some awards for his role on the unit, that's for sure!
  • He's a dominating leader whatever show he's on. He's a war hero in 'The Unit'. Great leader with a lot of tough talk.

    I was not familiar with Dennis. I only saw a couple of AllState Insurance commercial. That's all. Until I heard about him playing as a president in '24'. I'm not a fan of '24'. Thus, I had no idea who he was.

    Until the next role on another show Dennis decided to land on. He sure does enjoy his character in the show. Being a tough leader with an elite special force team going around the world and hunt down terrorists. What's not to like. He's not just holding a gun and call it a day. Whatever he says on the walkie-talkie, added so much intensity and urgency in each given situation. His favorite motto 'How bout that', left fans breathless every time. His way of interrogating, questioning, coaching is so unique that I don't think anyone could have done the same.
  • Dennis Haybert is a great actor best known for playing the black president in 24 he is a good example of a black actor who can go against the stereotype. He can play almost role.

    An all around good actor. There are some black actors/comedians in the entertainment business who don't feel commitment to giving their best but Dennis isn't one of them.

    It's until maybe a couple of years ago that he really started to get notice but this is a guy that's been in acting business for like thirty years. However, a lot of his early stuff were bit roles stuff you probably wouldn't realize he was in (until now that he's famous).

    However, slowly the guy has gotten big roles like in Thirteenth Floor, K-9000. However, no doubt his most remembered role will probably be President Palmer on 24 and right now his current role on the Unit as Jonas.

    So he's played the President, played a detective, he's played cops I think right now he could played any role.
    A good actor overall.
  • Hunk - self-control - wise - and sexy. All the stars are great but he truely is the leader of the pack.

    I am a almost fat 59 year old lady that just about lives for the Unit. All the players are great and they make a good team. Actually I think it is a good show considering what is on tv today. The Unit should be rated at least in the top ten shows. Nothing compares (maybe NCIS) I just love Abby. It would be interesting to see Gibbs and Jonas on the same side solving a case. It would be most excellent to see who the leader ended up being. The part the wives play are just as nerve ending as the men are. There is the old timer, the inocent young wife, there is the "I love my husband but I like having sex with his boss." I can't wait to see what happens when the team holds "court" for the adultry. That is gonna be one heck of a good show.
  • Dennis is a "household" favorite here!

    I just LOVE hearing him talk! I even LIKE seeing him on the "Insurance" commericials. I WAS a BIG fan of 24 when he was there; but once he left... well I stopped watching 24. KEEP him on The Unit!! Why didn't I see more of him after Waiting -- E----? Then when he plyed the baseball player on M---- L----- and M---- L-----, I thought for sure he would soon be starring on another movie. NOT. I hope to continue to see him on The Unit and I would like very much to see him on the BIG movie screens.
  • Dennis Haysbert, one of the most versatile, captivating actors these days, with a wide variety of characters played over the years, offers the viewers pure pleasure in any role he chooses to take on.

    I first saw Dennis Haysbert on Mr. Baseball (1992) where he had a minor but interesting role along side Tom Selleck. Even though his role was minor it was hard not to notice his dominant presence with his good looks, the height that matches his good looks and deep influential voice. When I started watching The Unit, I never realized it was the same guy and only last week when a I happened to catch a re-run of Mr. Baseball on TV that I realized it was the same guy that played Jonas Blane on my favorite TV show, The Unit. Since I began watching The Unit I have had the pleasure of catching Dennis Haysbert on Goodbye Bafana where he portrayed Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela, Far from Heaven where he portrayed an African-American gardener by the name of Raymond, Breach where he portrayed Agent Dan Plesac, and naturally President Palmer on 24. I can now say, without hesitation, that he is, without a doubt, one of the best actors around these days. With his magnetic persona and endless talent, watching him in any role he undertakes is pure pleasure.
  • Review

    When I first heard that Dennis Haybert was going to be promoted to president on the Fox series "24" I was a little surprised at first. Not because I thought that he would make a bad president, just because I think that the way he was able to portray that character made him one of the best fake televised presidents of all time. His character got some heat because he was black and they questioned his ability to act like the leader of a country, but as an actor he pulls off some of the most amazing acting on 24. His on screen connection with Keifer is great and I love every scene that they have together. He talks with confidance with everything he says and in the end I couldnt think of a better person to play the president of the United States other then Dennis Haybert. His performances are amazing I think, even if I only have seen him on one show.
  • Dennis Haysbert just commands with his roles and he always does a good job.

    Dennis Haysbert has a voice that can never be forgotten -- it's booming and powerful and it makes his portrayal of characters so much more amazing. He has played very powerful roles, David Palmer in 24 and Jonas Blaine in The Unit, and his voice just brings so much to the table. He seems to do extremely well acting a leader, again his voice is a huge factor. His acting is really great and he really should be considered for more roles because he is so good. He has pure talent and skill and I love to see him in The Unit every week.
  • It's about time someone gave Dennis Haysbert the leading role.

    There is only one thing I can say about this man:
    He just makes me feel good. Be it on The Unit or the AllState ads.His presence, his voice, his stature, his classically handsome looks, his volunteer work, his entire being...just makes me feel safe in the world I live in. One of the best actors on any size screen. You automatically trust his performance, you automaticaly trust the character he plays. Just call him Mr. Feel Good. By the way, WHEN will "Goodbye Bafana" be released in the USA? It's been released in Eurpore but not here. We want to see this great man play a great man.
  • empty

    Dennis Haysbert is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies and television shows, my favorite has to be "24."
  • Powerful, charismatic talent. Way underappreciated.

    The towering phyisique of Dennis Haysbert Makes him a strng candidate for leading a fight, his voice is deep and unwavering, his stride shows pride and power. Every role he takes on he knows, he makes his own. People who follow him know his talent, his caring, tender side in 24 as David Palmer. To his most recent role as Jonas Blake in the Unit, Showing strenght and leadership. H is a self admitted big kid, who likes rolling around in the dirt playing a soldier. Underused and apparently underappreciated by networks and shows up to a few years ago. Appearing in 24 shot him in ot the lime light, finally getting him recognition for his great talent and amazing work. Now his success continues on. Forward and upward. He has the potential to become one of the generatons great actors.
  • An actor.

    I first saw him in Now and Again and feel in love with the character, then when I saw him representing Allstate I thought I'd get the insurance because he was selling it. Wonderful work for 24 and I love watching him in The Unit every week. He's very talented and I'd love to see him used more often in shows.
  • Finally a leading role

    I am glad that he is now a leading role in the Jack Bauer "24" role and hopefully he will be a star!
    Loved him on that show but now it is good that he has been given a chance to carry a show like "The Unit!"
    Hope that he will become a star because he is talented and a great actor!
  • I'd buy Allstate insurance just because he's the spoke person. He has more character than some freaking gecko and sometimes 15% just isn't enough.

    I think he's a good actor with a commanding voice that really plays his roles and if I see him in anything on TV then I'll tune in just because he's in it. I was sad to see him killed off in 24, but he did the series good and got his own so its all good.
  • Way to underused

    Dennis Haysbert is a very talanted actor. He plays every part he plays to the fullest. In 24 he did a top notch job on his character as David Palmer. When I thought he was gone from the series my heart was broken because he made you believe in his character. From commercials he makes you believe in whatever he is doing.
  • Dennis Haysbert is fabulous!

    I totally loved Dennis Haysbert as the president in 24. I was thrilled to see him back in the action with Jack this past year. He's got an astounding voice. You can just imagine him as the President of the United States. Silly as it is, I also enjoy him in commercials too! He's really a powerful person, and I hope to see him on TV and in the movies more often.