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  • DENNIS HAYSBERT is the best actor on televison today!

    DENNIS HAYSBERT is the heart and soul of the Unit. He is a dynamic actor who exhudes the leadership, power, trust, grit, loyalty, warmth and steely do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission strength! He is just what everyone would as a leader: a soldier would want as a commander: a family would want as a father. Mr. Haysbert has the quality we need so desperately, a person to look up to. A person to make us feel comfortable, that we are in able hands. As Senator McCain said in response to a question during the 2008 campaign: Would you consider the actions of "Jack Bauer" be considered torture?; "I hope there are a couple of "Jack Bauers" out there, for our sakes." If, the Unit is not picked up: Dennis should consider reprising his role from "24" President Palmer,but not on television, in the real world. Enter politics!