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    • Dennis: (On Hollywood's double standard regarding interracial sex, in concern with the movie Far from Heaven) In Monster's Ball [starring Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton] you see them having full-on passionate sex, whereas here you don't even get to see them holding hands. I... I don't agree with that. I'm really tired of seeing it done just one way. (question: So why does that happen?) The only thing I can think is the white establishment is threatened by that. They're threatened by black male-white female relationships and passion being shown on screen. But they're very comfortable with James Bond and Halle Berry [Die Another Day] or Robert De Niro and Angela Bassett [The Score]. Some of our female stars are bedding down with white men in films, which I have no problem with. But balance it. Let me have a love scene between me and Julianne Moore or Michelle Pfeiffer or Cameron Diaz.