Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof


10/14/1946, USA

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Dennis Hoff
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Dennis Hof is the owner of Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Dennis has appeared on Cathouse: The Series.


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    • Dennis Hof: (On setting up a brothel in Vegas) I could see us having a 500-room brothel in Las Vegas; the business is there.

    • Dennis Hof: (On setting up a brothel in Vegas) There's no end to what it can be,... ...The sky is the limit.

    • Dennis Hof: (While looking for locations to set up shop for a brothel in Reno) You're on the biggest street in Reno,... ...You're on Virginia Street. This is where all of the hotels are, where all of the casinos are. And this is where we need to be. This is where the Bunny Ranch needs to be stationed.

    • Dennis Hof: (On his new reality show) It should be fun,... ...If you can't have fun, what's the point?

    • Dennis Hof: (On his new brothels) You just have to make sure the (new) business lives up to that title,... ...The Bunny Ranch is a high-standard brand.

    • Dennis Hof: (On his new brothel called "The Love Ranch" and it location) I couldn't be happier to be in the Las Vegas market,... ...I love it here,... ...There's nowhere else like it -- and a perfect place for us to do business.

    • Dennis Hof: (In response to Genevieve Wood during a CNN interview with Paula Zahn) Your frame of reference is illegal prostitution, you're absolutely correct. You don't know the inside of legal brothels and what the girls are like. There's girls in there that are highly educated and making large incomes. One is the publisher of "Sherry" (ph) magazine right there in New York and comes there and works. It's an entirely different thing inside the Bunny Ranch where it's legal.

    • Dennis Hof: (On legalizing prostitution during and interview on CNN with Paula Zahn) If you don't legalize it, there's going to be exploitation by rogue policemen that rob and rape them, customers who beat them in hotel rooms, and pimps who are absolute predators.

      If you don't legalize it you're going to have sexually transmitted diseases in the workplace. The Bunny Ranch has an 18-year history of hundreds of thousands of checks with no disease. So if you want to eliminate disease and crime and exploitation, legalize it.

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