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    An absolute comic genius. Not many come close to his paramount sense of wit and talent. Its saddening how so many judge him based on his political preference these days. At least he has the dignity to respect liberals, for the most part.That is something Tina Fey is not humble enough to do for conservatives. Sure he'll take a few stabs at several liberals who are bent on destruction of this country, or just too down-right dumb to realize it, but at least he doesn't make a downright mockery out of them. I really admired how Tina Fey came to save the day when the 08' elections were underway;)(Nice rhyme right). Anyways Dennis Miller sits high atop the SNL cast for brilliancy unless you can't understand long words or you are a liberal. Kudos Miller.
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    Dennis Miller just seems to try to hard to be cool or to fit in. Take, for example, his stint on "Monday Night Football," which was just plain awful. His jokes were unfunny and he made them at bad times in the games. He can be funny, but there is nothing truly special about his comedy act.
  • I used to not like him on SNL when he was so liberal, but now he is pretty good. I still don't understand some of his references but who does.

    I even liked him on Monday Night Football, I thought even though he didn't seem to fit, it still made the show even better. I think they should have moved him to the sidelines, and just used him a little, instead of getting rid of him. I totally love his quote on Micheal Moore from this page, that about says it all. I thought he did a good job in Muder at 1600 too, I wasn't sure if he would because that's a bit different from standup, talk shows, or announcing. I think they should give him another show, if someone like Bill Mahr has a show, they should at least have a show with some intelligence to counteract it. I think Dennis Miller has that intelligence.
  • Great comedian

    Dennis Miller is a talented Comedian and Poliotical Comentator. He also was on Saturday Night Live and did Weekend Update from 1985 till 1991. I am also a big fan of him since he is not affraid to say he supports George W Bush and the war in Iraq. He also did an HBO show which spawned 4 books.