Dennis Moore





1/26/1908 , Fort Worth, Texas, USA



Birth Name




Dennis Moore was born January 26, 1908, in Fort Worth, Texas. Known as Dennis Meadows in real life, he was an American actor for three decades who played villainous and heroic roles in movies and serials that had a western theme. It is believed that his interest in show business may have started when he worked in a movie theater as an usher. While he was a recognized figure in the industry and starred in more than 200 B-rated oaters and serials back then, he never reached the peak of stardom and did not become a major star. His films included Fangs of the Wild in 1939, Perils of the Wilderness in 1956, Blazing the Overland Trail also in 1956, and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. After he played his part in The New Adventures of Spin and Marty in 1957, he retired shortly after. On March 1, 1964, Dennis Moore succumbed to rheumatic heart disease. He was a private man and not much is known about his private life.