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    • Had a top ten hit in the U.K. with the son "I Could Be So Good for You" in October 1980.

      An avid fan of Chelsea Football Club, London Ironically, as terry McCann, his character in minder, he had to play a fan of Fulham football Club who are Chelsea's local rivals from London.

      Once filmed an episode of Minder at Sramford Bridge, home of his Chelsea F.C. Unfortunately the story line meant that he was actually thrown out of the stadium.

      His duet with Minder" (1979) co-star George Cole, "What Are We Gonns Get 'Er Indoors?", reached the number 21 postion on the UK chart in 1983.

      Two daughters with Patricia Maynard: Hannah Waterman (born 1975) snd Julia Waterman (born 1979).

      Advertised Barbour motorcycle clothing aboard a Hesketh motorcycle.

      Mercilessly lampooned on "little Britain" (2003) as a midget whose keeps losing contracts by insisting on singing the theme song for the proposed show.