Dennis Weaver

Dennis Weaver


6/4/1924, Joplin, Missouri, USA



Birth Name

William Dennis Weaver


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Dennis Weaver was born on June 4th 1924. In 1945 he married Gerry Stowell and had 3 kids. Rick, Robby, and Rusty. He worked with the following people in movies and television: James Arness, James Coburn, James Garner, Raymond Burr, Robert Culp, Russell Johnson, Sidney Poitier. He died on February 24, 2006. more


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  • A genuine asset to TV

    Dennis Weaver was one of my favorite actors. I loved him in McCloud and Gentle Ben. He was a real masculine figure whose personality commanded respect from others.

    One of my favorite roles he played was David Mann in the 90 minute Steven Spielberg movie Duel. The first time I saw this thriller it couldn't sleep for nights. What's so scary about a big truck chasing a guy in a car? When you are Dennis Weaver, you have the ability to portray a terrified man who overcomes his fear to face a life threatening menace. In the process, suspense builds until the final minute of the movie.

    TV has been enriched by this wonderful actor. He will be missed.moreless
  • love him

    I loved watching this man play in Wildfire for the time he did. Thats all I saw him in but still he was so funny I mean you could tell he didnt like Ken davis cause' he was always smarting of to him. and if you didnt like him either than [ Ken that is ] than his comments were extremly funny. I was so sad when I found out he died and it sad how they had to write him out of Wildfire I mean he went on Vacation and didnt come back I mean how sad is that?!moreless