Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah


1/27/1950, Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Derek Johnson


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Derek Acorah is one of the UK's most loved Spiritualist Mediums. He was only a child when he had his first experience when his late grandfather visited him. His grandmother was also a Medium and was not surprised that her skills passed onto him. Derek became a professional…more


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  • Come back please

    Pease come back to most haunted. I miss you. The show is rubbish without you xx
  • Derek is an complete idiot. His brand of fake sentimentality leaves even the strongest viewer reaching for the sick bucket.

    Yvette Fielding has single handedly turned thousands of interested people away from any interest in the paranormal. Her silly shrieking voice is enough to bug anyone. Add to this treacly Derek Acorah drivelling on about his psychic bum chum Sam and you have a recipe for pure rubbish. After 10 minutes of being to be subjected to this nonsense my 30 year interest in the paranormal started to dwindle. I suppose this show might be of interest to the kind of mouth breathing bufoon who watches the whole string of reality rubbish that we are swamped with every Saturday evening, but since I can boast an IQ larger than my shoe size I will never subject myself to this tripe again!moreless