Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson


7/18/1974, Lousville, Knetucky

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Derek Lamont Anderson


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    • Derek: I'm pretty confident. It is a pretty solid conference overall, but their throwing is weaker than the America East. I expect to walk out of that meet with two conference records.

    • Derek: There's not so much tension; all the athletes are on good terms. You get your feet wet at big meets like this, but I've been there before, so now I can use that intensity and focus to my advantage.

    • Derek: He has a willingness to do that. That's what people don't understand. A lot of guys in this league don't share the ball, regardless of what happens. And when he's willing to do that, he gives us confidence to make plays and make shots. That's what you need to win games.

    • Derek: There have been a couple times when it was a Monday morning quarterback-type thing. Things where I wish I had rested a little more or could have been more aggressive in a meet. It's not anything major, just little things here and there.

    • Derek: I think the biggest key to success is to stay on top of your game and always work hard and never get discouraged. Never get frustrated to the point where it affects your play. It's a long road to success, no matter what level you're at. The key is to just keep your head up and work hard.

    • Derek: That's when Mike asked if I'd throw. I've been under the weather, but then I thought I'd better help him out. He knows he has to prove himself.

    • Derek: I knew it was the end of the game and that's what you have to do to win. You don't stop playing until there are zeros on the clock. It was an effort play and I know that's a big thing around here.

    • Derek: I've done this before. I'm just very confident.

    • Derek: I had an opportunity to make a play that I've been making for nine years.

    • Derek: Police have a lot more clout now and they really seem to be using it.

    • Derek: It's exciting; it's indicative that my hard work is translating into good performances, especially in the weight where I don't throw with great technique and rely more on athleticism and strength.

    • Derek: I don't know why I'm not playing. I'm frustrated. I got in shape. I didn't go on the (two-game) trip, stayed back, worked on getting in shape. I hoped I would be playing today, but obviously I'm not. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow and see what my status is.

    • Derek: We look good, but a little inexperienced and young. It comes down to good coaching, a lot of hard work and a little luck and we'll be all right.

    • Derek: The kid is unbelievable, ... I've never seen anything like it, in the NFL, or whatever.

    • Derek: The big thing about (Cline's) teams is it starts with the offensive line, but when I think about their explosiveness, what I have seen they have a lot of versatility.

    • Derek: This is my first time working on the floor, so it's getting better. Hopefully, I'll get to practice one of these days and see how it feels.

    • Derek: We all look buff. We have to get some new clothes.

    • Derek: It takes a split second to get hurt and forever to get healed. It's hard. It's very difficult mentally.

    • Derek: I got kicked on the inside at the end of the game in Portland. It was a bone bruise. It was real puffy and stiff, but the swelling has gone down a little bit. I never had one like this, on the inside.

    • Derek: We love him, ... We're continuously helping him out as far as giving him confidence, because in this league confidence is everything. We're not telling him not to do things, we're telling him to be smarter.

    • Derek: They have found a lot of creative and unique ways to get their athletes the ball.

    • Derek: We were trying to kick it away from Graves and we kicked it over there to Chris Fountain, ... The next thing I know he's going up the sideline. I should have known better that that because his dad (Richard) was a pretty good athlete.

    • Derek: We went into the half down 14-7 and we told the kids we played about as bad a half as we could play and yet we were still in the game, ... But we got a big play out of special teams and that kind of kick-started us.

    • Derek: It was a never-quit game for both teams.

    • Derek: I just know this is the type of place you could do that.

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