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  • Derek The Dynamo!

    I think his record speaks volumes. Derek is great!
  • One of the best dancers on the show.

    Great choreographer. Great person too.
  • Not my favorite professional, but he's still pretty good.

    He's a great dancer, but then again he should be because of his relation to Julianne. I mean, if she's a good dancer, then it's expected and assumed that he would be too. His choreography is pretty good too. A lot better than some of the other dancers out there. He's excellent with any partner he gets. He's done wonderful jobs with all of them so far. I'm only a little prejudiced against Derek because he was partners with Brooke Burke, and I can't stand her. It surprises me that Derek can sing though. On Julianne's first album, he sang a duet with her, and it was actually pretty good. I never expected him to be able to sing like that.