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    • Derek: I just want to do something that's not another horror movie and maybe a comedy or something. Something that's just different than the last thing.

    • Derek: (about Eli Roth) Yeah, he's like an encyclopedia of just movies. So like the Wicker Man, which I love and had never seen before, and then Audition and then just weird ones like Suicide Girls.

    • Derek: The Shining is a classic. I like The Vanishing. I don't really know if that's billed as a thriller or a horror movie but that movie's so perfect. Eli gave me a bunch of movies like Audition with crazy torture scenes similar to some of these but not really. The needles, oh my god.

    • Derek: (what he'd do with $25,000) What would I do? I'd probably travel. Probably go down to Chile. I don't know.

    • Derek: (about Hostel) My sister saw it the other day at the screening. She loved it and she actually watched all of it. She only covered her eyes once! It's a great little movie.

    • Derek: Oh, geez, it's good. To have a beautiful woman lure you in, and Josh is that character who has no idea what's going on, I don't think anyone really has any idea until late. She was fantastic, just made all the scenes easier. Here's this guy who's kind of reserved and kind of dorky, and he goes in and gets this beautiful woman. How real is that? Probably not so much. He's just like, "We need to come. Here all the time." It's fantastic.

    • Derek: (talking about scenes that scared him in Hostel) The scene that killed me was when Kana really sees her face and then realized she can't live and jumps in front of the train. That just kills me.

    • Derek: I think one of the nice things about doing a prequel is that you have more freedom with the character. Because you can capture those nuances and those mannerisms.

    • Derek: (talking about watching himself die) Yeah, a little bit, but ultimately it's just a movie. I mean, it's weird because just seeing it, just knowing those days are really tough and long and draining, and then seeing it up there. It's not me. I'm worried about my mom seeing that stuff. She'll freak out. That won't happen.