Derk Cheetwood

Derk Cheetwood


10/8/1973, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

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Derek Cheetwood
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  • Good on GH.

    Love his character on GH.Funny.
  • let me tell you my story of how i know derk cheetwood.

    when i was a baby derk held me.he knew my family and when i was born he held me and said i had beautiful lips. that meant a lot to me now. but what hurts me the most is that i will probably never see him again in my life. and i am 12 years old. i wish he would come back and say hi to me. it kills me every day that i cant see him. and since he is famous he is the only way i can get famous, is if he helps me. i have a beautiful voice and people tell me all the time they love it. people say i should be on american idol. i just wish he would come back to me some day. that would change my whole world. in my dreams he is there. but everytime i tell myself that he is never coming back. i cry. it seriously kills me everytime i think about him. just writing this hurts me. so please please please please come back derk!moreless