Dermot Morgan

Dermot Morgan


3/3/1952, Dublin, Ireland



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Dermot Morgan was born in Dublin in 1952. He attended University College in Dublin, studing English and Philosophy before taking up teaching. In 1979 he made his first appearance on TV as hip priest, Father Trendy. Dermot never gelled with RTE, the main broadcaster in Ireland, and after…more


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    • (on his position on Catholicism and the possible effect of "Father Ted")
      Dermot: I'm a lapsed Catholic. I just don't think it's right for priests to hop around the altar telling you what to do. I think in general big organisations are bad news and then there's the whole celibacy thing. Denying your sexuality is an anomaly and it's just not healthy. I've always had a reputation for sailing close to the wind but with something like Father Ted although it's cutting edge I really don't think it's offensive. I guess it's down to personal taste.

    • (on how the Catholic Church will be affected by "Father Ted")
      Dermot: The Church has greater problems than Father Ted. It's a spent force. I've heard they have zero admissions at some seminaries. I'm old enough to recall the clout they had in the 1960s, when people used to talk about "the belt of a crozier" whenever they cracked down on secular society. Now I genuinely sympathise with priests for what is a largely untenable position. Anyone suggesting that it is the infallible will of the Church that priests should remain celebate is talking nonsense. That is going to do far more damage than Father Ted.

    • (Dermot's thoughts on the church)
      Dermot: I don't believe in confessional, any of it. Fascists are people who dress in black and tell you what to do and priests, well, er ...