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  • One of my personal favorites because of his incredible range of characters. If I could have picked more than 1 classification, it would be the "more talented co-star" also.

    I believe the first movie I saw Mr. Harrington in was "Riding in Cars With Boys". He played a teenager rebel rouser very well.
    In "Wrong Turn" he nailed the part of a (salesman?) down pat. As I watched his character in this film, I had no idea it was Mr. Harrington at first. It was that feeling of "I've seen that actor somewhere before" but couldn't place the face until after much deliberation. When I figured out it was the military boy in "Riding in Cars With Boys" I was really floored.
    To make an audience believe one is a teenager and then turn around and be a very convincing adult; as in "Wrong Turn", truely impresses me. we go again with "Ghost Ship". Same feeling - knew the face but couldn\'t place it till later -AGAIN. Very impressive work in that film - because not only is he a pilot (kinda whimpy) at that, he morphs into the blazing-eyed "Ferriman" at the end; suave, tough, and evil. Also looked completely different. An Aside please: Why did he keep massaging his shoulder in this film. It looked like he was trying to hold a remote mic. or something. I would be very grateful for the answer. Anyway his work in this film was top notch.
    The last movie I have seen Mr. Harrington in is "The Hole". He dupped me again with the "I've seen the face". I figured it out pretty fast however from his movies I had already seen. But a dark headed, somewhat conceited high schooler, was close to being beyond my comprahension as to how he pulled it off. But, he did with great aplomb! Kudos to him.
    Granted, I am no critic in any sense of the word, but I believe he possesses an incredible range of charatcterization that many actors could only hope for.
    I hope Mr. Harrington can read this as he would know that there are those of us females, and males, in the viewing public that really pick up on and enjoy his talent, and are not just clamoring for a poster. I say: Watch out for this guy!