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    • Desmond: (recalling a moment with Penny Marshall when they filmed "Riding with Boys") I remember one scene where I walk in and had to bring a casserole and put it on a table, and she said, 'Let's go again' and I walked out with the cameras rolling and she's like, 'The casserole, asshole.' (laughing). I just looked back and said, 'Oh, the mouth on you' like that, just right back at her. She takes that, which is great because you don't feel like you are walking away with this person just talking smack behind your back.

    • Desmond: (on what learned about acting when he worked with Penny Marshall) The thing is that you learn it's not such a serious business. It's just the end of the day - it's not the end of the world.

    • Desmond: (on the evil that men do) There is no original sin. You don't have to pay repentance to anything or anybody. And if somebody up there's telling me otherwise, f*ck them, 'cause I'm not wearin' a hair shirt for anybody.

    • Desmond: (on being cast in We Were Soldiers opposite "Mel Gibson"): I could have taken a bigger role in a smaller movie, but for me it's never about the size of the role. I figured I could really learn something.