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St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Kelley was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota but spent four years of her early life in Brussels, Belgium, where she attended kindergarten. She graduated from Eastview High School in the Apple Valley suburb during 2004, before moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kelley is a strict vegetarian.

    • To prepare for her role in The Chicago Code, Kelley talked with real Chicago P.D. officers, went on ride-alongs and visited the Cook County Morgue and Shooting Range.

    • On the day of her The Chicago Code audition, Kelley actually went for a Disney role but was called back the next day to audition for the FOX show instead. After being cast, in April 2010, she moved up to Chicago, Illinois to film to show's pilot episode.

    • Four days before receiving word she had been cast in The Chicago Code, Kelley called her mother from California crying because she didn't know whether she could pay her rent that month.

  • Quotes

    • (In response to the question, "What's your favorite Chicago neighborhood?")
      Kelley: It's tough to pick ONE favorite neighborhood, I love all the different nooks of Chicago. But if forced to choose just one, I have to say Bucktown takes the cake. It's vibrant, young, artsy fartsy and has just the right amount of grit. My favorite way to spend the day is yoga, shopping and people watching in Bucktown.

    • (In response to the question, "If you could call dibs now on any prop from [The Chicago Code] what would it be?")
      Kelley: I would choose Vonda's police badge and flash it while writing citations to unassuming citizens for such crimes as talking too loudly on their cell phones, chewing with their mouths open, wearing outfits that don't match, etc... (I'm ignoring the law that it's illegal to impersonate a police officer.)

    • (In response to the question, "It's 11AM on Sunday. Where are you and what are you doing?")
      Kelley: Chances are I am dead asleep, but on the slight chance that I'm actually awake, I can probably be found sweating my face off in a bikram yoga class (and wishing I was still in bed.)

    • (Responding to the question, "What's your favorite ethnic cuisine in Chicago?")
      Kelley: While Vonda is the kind of girl who loves Polish sausage and such, I'm a die hard vegetarian so living in the land of steak and hot dogs proved to be quite the challenge. The Lincoln Park Whole Foods saved my life, as did an amazing vegan restaurant in Wicker Park called Mana Food Bar.

    • (On being asked, "if you wrote an episode [of The Chicago Code], what would you be sure your character did?")
      Kelley: If I wrote an episode I would definitely send Vonda on an Operation Angel assignment. OA is when female officers dress up as hookers, lure in the guys and then arrest them. I think it would be a blast to act as a lady of the night then flash the badge and start kicking ass when the sketchballs least expect it.

    • (On her role in The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: I was so green and wide-eyed, I didn't have a clue about any of it. As [landing] the part become more of a reality, though, people kept talking to me about it. Once I got the role, I went back to watch The Shield. I really like it. But I had to stop for a bit because it gave me nightmares.

    • (On her role in The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: I was waiting tables when I got this job. I thought if this show doesn't get picked up...I'm gonna lose it.

    • (On realizing her role in The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: Holy Crap, I'm here!

    • (Of working on The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: We have a total blast together. Our show is, like, so friction-free [...] Really, for the most part, I could go all day and all night and be happy.

    • (Of a scene in The Chicago Code episode entitled "The Gold Coin Kid")
      Kelley: We have a gangbanger in the back of our car, and he pulls a gun, while handcuffed, out of the back of his pants, and shoots at us [...] I got to jump in the backseat of the car, like rip him out, like throw him on the ground, like gun out of hand, like my gun in his back...It was full on. It was awesome!

    • (On her acting career and her role in The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: It was always about performing arts. I never really waivered in what I wanted to do [...] I never once thought this was out of reach.

    • (On being cast as Vonda Wysocki in The Chicago Code)
      Kelley: I thought I was gonna throw up. English just kind of failed me at that point.

  • An up and coming young actress with a lot of talent.

    After watching Devin Kelley in The Chicago Code, it's clear to see that she is a natural-born actor. In the show, she plays the rookie cop and niece of the main character, which she does brilliantly. Through the sad moments aswell as the funny ones, she conveys the emotion in a convincing, believable way. As well as her acting talent, Kelley also comes across to me as a really down-to-Earth person, not influenced by fame or money, but there for the thrill and joy of the work itself. In all of her behind the scenes Chicago Code videos, she is a vibrant and bubbly person, who, it's clear to see, all of her fellow cast members like.

    I write this after the news of The Chicago Code's cancellation, and I hope that Kelley is given another shot at the successful career she deserves. She's talented and hard-working and I've got a feeling she will do well in the future.moreless