Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki


8/10/1982, New York City, USA

Birth Name

Devon Edwenna Aoki


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Devon Edweena Aoki was born to Rocky Aoki (A Japanese Olympic wrestler and Benihana steakhouse magnate) and Pamela Hilburger (An Anglo-Bavarian jewelry designer). A native of New York, Devon grew up in high-class Malibu only to later move back to the city. Supposedly discovered at a Rancid concert…more


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    • *talking about the movie D.E.B.S.*
      Interview: Was your character Dominique originally written with a French accent, or did they just say, "bring some attitude," and that's what you brought?
      Devon: Actually, it was originally written with a French accent. As soon as I read it, I was totally gung ho to play her, because I had always wanted to do an accent in a movie. And I sort of knew how to do a French accent from living in Europe for five years.

    • *talking about the movie D.E.B.S.*
      Interview: Devon, what was the most challenging part for you: the wardrobe or the stunts?
      Angela Robinson: [to Devon] Or the stunts with the wardrobe? *laughs*
      Devon: *laughs* Yeah, just juggling the cigarette and the gun and the short skirt. Well, I have a lot of experience with working different types of clothes, so that wasn't a problem. I think the stunts was more difficult because I didn't really know how to shoot a gun very well at that point, and before we started, we went to a shooting range. And at first, I'm looking at this huge Uzi, and I'm like, "I don't know if I can shoot this!" And I'm watching this guy and his hands are flying back, and I'm looking at my arms and I'm going, "Oh, there's no way." But you just have to do it. And it was great, actually. It was a lot of fun to get the training also.

    • Interview: Devon, your character in D.E.B.S. always seems to be lighting up a cigarette. How much smoking did you have to do?
      Devon: *laughs* Actually, not a lot. You would think that I was smoking while we filmed the whole movie, but those scenes when I was smoking were pretty short--one, two minute takes. So you take a drag, and then for the rest of the scene, you can just sort of stand there looking fashionable.