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Devon Gearhart

Devon Gearhart


5/5/1995, Atlanta, Georgia

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Deven Gearhart
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Devon started out doing commercials and realized very quickly how much he loved to act. His national commercial spots include Phillips Electronics, ERA Laundry Detergent, Pizza Hut, HGTV, PBS, Cartoon Network, Rooms to Go Kids, and a Georgia Lottery Commercial with Ray Charles. Since then Devon has moved…more


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  • Law & Order SVU "Merchandise"

    I just wanted to say, Devon did a brilliant performance as Micah on this episode. He was extremely convincing and powerful. Being a victim of child abuse, I immediately felt and connected to his pain and fear of punishment. I have never seen a performance that was so real that it brought me back to those feelings of shear panic. Just the way he battled the police when they came to pick him up on the street. How he fought them off with that pure emotion of adrenaline...I felt it was really happening to him. His entire performance was just perfect. He absolutely nailed it. Devon is a true actor. He has found his calling in life. This young man has a great future ahead of him.

    Jen Gossett

    Livonia, MI.moreless