Devon Sawa





9/7/1978 , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Devon Edward Sawa




Devon Edward Sawa was born in Vancouver, British Columbia but was able to establish a very successful Hollywood career. After spending several years working on Vancouver based projects, Sawa moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. He established a strong fan following in the 1990s, starring in several teen horror films, including the popular "Final Destination" (2000), Idle Hands (1999), and Casper (1995).

During his reign as a teen heartthrob, Sawa was featured on the covers of many teen magazines, such as the popular Teen Beat and Bop magazine. In 2000, Sawa rose to popularity with the young male demographic, playing the role of Stan opposite Dido, in the Eminem video of the same name.

Despite the decline of his teen following, Sawa continues to work steadily in films, and has even branched out into the independent film world, producing and directing his own films.

Sawa currently resides in L.A. with his fiancee, Jessica, a makeup artist,