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Devon Soltendieck

Devon Soltendieck


5/8/1985, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Birth Name

Devon Matthew Soltendieck


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  • Wow...devon soltendieck is one of the most hottest guys ever in the world..i honestly want to mentally undress him everytime i see him on my television screen. he is a fabulous person and seems like he really loves music..moreless

    he is one of the most hottest men on television and i find him awesome and i think we are soulmates because we have the exact same birthday's but i guess thats just me..i hope to one day meet him and become his wife...that is if i loved cant just marry someone because you think they are have to get to know them.i saw him play drums on much music and i honestly fell in love with his talent. i also really love his luscious long blonde hair and his super cute side bangs. his style is so unique and is sort of a preppy punk that i seem to find quite attractive. if i were to meet anyone it would be him. he has extremly cool beliefs and it is true that school kids would become more creative and all that if we could listen to music in school...but hey, only me and devon seem to think thats true..tell your thoughts about this fact too!!!!!moreless