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  • An extremely talented and gorgeous man who is not used often enough in film and television. He convinces you that he is whatever role he has chosen to play by becoming (that) character. He reels you in and does it so well, you become convinced that he a n

    I first met Devoreaux in the elevator of the apartmartment building I once lived. At first I did not recognize who he was. A friend of his pointed out to me that Devoreaux was one of the stars in Head of the Class. A young teenager at the time, I pretended to be nonchalant about the whole thing. "Oh really?" I responded not aware that I was sharing the elevator with one the most talented actors to ever enter the profession and I was only two floors down from him. Later I discovered not only was he in head of the class but he also had many movies under his belt including The Blues Brothers, Die hard, and Tresspass which is one of my favorites. I also discovered how cool and down to earth he was, this made him more appealing to me. After a while Devoreaux moved and I lost contact with him but I watch his movies from time to time and wonder why he isn't a bigger star. Devoreaux White is super talented with a face to die for but unfortunately underrated and overlooked. He will always be a star in my book.