Diana Canova

Diana Canova


6/1/1953, West Palm Beach, Florida

Birth Name

Diana Rivero



Also Known As

Diane Canova
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Diana was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 1, 1953, and is an American Actress. Her mother is Judy Canova, actress and singer, and Diana took her professional name from her mother's maiden name. Her most famous role was Corinne Tate on Soap, which she played…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A great hidden talent of the past.

    I am a deployed soldier in Iraq. I am becoming viewing the old series soap on DVD. Also I do remember the show from seeing it on TV in the 70. I had forgotten how talented Diane is. To me she shows enormous range in her abilities. She can deliver the punch line of a joke and a few minutes later be involved in some heavy handed drama play convincingly. Also I do think she has an amazingly inter beauty that jumps out in her performance. I think that beauty shows the most through her eyes and facial expressions. To me such inner beauty if far more sexy than any body part. It is a shame that her career did not take off like some others from the soap show.moreless