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  • Queen Of Hearts. The People's Princess. Just a few names that describe the life and legacy of Diana, Princess Of Wales. She was beautiful inside and out. She shone in all that she did and everywhere she went. She had a fire inside her for life and people.

    Princess Diana was in my opinion, the closest thing to a saint in my lifetime. She was kind, generous, selfless and full of charity and love in her heart for her fellow man. She had the heart of God inside her and she was full of compassion for the sick and needy. Like Mother Theresa, she would often devote her time to causes and people who would write to her reaching out for help or just companionship. Maybe they just wanted to meet their Princess. She would always oblige because her heart was for the people. She would have made an ideal Queen. A people's Queen. A Godly Queen. A Queen with a heart of Gold. She was known by people all over the world as England’s Rose and Sir Elton John sung it best when he sang his tribute song to Diana which he reworded from what was a song he originally wrote for Marilyn Monroe 'Norma Jean'. I was very saddened when Diana died. I was heart broken for a couple of weeks (from memory). I watched all the tribute shows on TV and I watched the funeral. I still can't believe she's gone. Her life truly was like a candle in the wind. She died too soon. Her life cut short in her prime. She will always be remembered in our hearts and forever sorely missed. Rest In Peace fair Princess. Be safe in the Lord's Caring Arms.
  • Princess Diana was a ver y beautiful and loving person.

    Princess Diana was loved by millions of people all over the world. She was one of the sweetest, caring, people in the world. She was a loving wife, mother. She had a very loving father and mother and brother. Nobody had anything bad to say about Princess Diana. She was loving by everyone won every had the chance to meet her. She always took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to people. She did alot of charity work and it didn't matter if you were poor or rich, she always treated you the same. Diana was taken away from us way to early. She had a wonderful life and she will be always missed by everyone.