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  • Very talented actress/singer/model/dancer!!!

    hey Diandra!! Ashley here.how are you??? i just wanted to say your like a great friend and extremely talented actress singer model and dancer, and Lindsay and i wish you much luck and success in your already extremely successful future!!! :) you'll always have our support and friendship. dont forget us when your extremely famous and traveling the world LOL. Keep up the great work and keep us posted on your acting/singing your new songs and of course college and everything else you have going on in your extremely busy schedule and ill be sure to keep you updated on my senior year :)


    Love, Ashley
  • Diandra recently appeared as herself on \"Good Morning America.\" She was personable and pleasant and I was impressed with how well she handled herself - very professional. I enjoyed her singing as well. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders!

    Diandra has a very wholesome, All-American look and I think she is set to take the pop world by storm. She is hard-working and dedicated to being a success! Congratulations on everything she has done so far. I can\'t wait to see her feature film \"DreamKiller,\" and see her episode of \"The Suite Life,\" this fall. Her CD on Infant Records is a nice combination of pop and R&B. She has a very nice voice and style of presentation! I am looking forward to seeing her first music video as well. She looks great on film and in print as well!