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  • Numb3rs was lucky to get Diane Farr.

    She has an incredible presence. The character of Megan is a well defined. She is also very beautiful, but her looks are only one facet of this character. The role is not about being a babe, so she is very believable as an FBI agent and a profiler.

    They needed a strong, beautiful woman on the show to balance this all male cast. Her character is smart and sassy. She's kick ass.

  • Beautiful and talented!

    Glad that the show nabbed Diane Farr from Rescue Me
    And that she adds not just beauty and toughness but
    Shows that she is capable of holding her own with a
    Mainly male cast! She also has heart and soul as well
    Which is important because I think she makes her character
    Very believable. She used to be a prison guard in real life
    And that is what makes her character very believable IMO indeed!