Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger


Algermissen, Germany

Birth Name

Diane Heidkrueger



Also Known As

Diane Heidkrueger
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Born in Algermissen, Germany (near Hildesheim) in 1976, Diane Kruger started out studying ballet with the Royal Ballet in London. After an injury, she changed her mind about a dancing career and went to Paris to become a model where she won Elite's 1992 "Look of the Year"…more


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    • Diane: (refuting rumors she is pregnant in May 2008): I don't have any plans for a family yet. I can imagine that if I have children in the future I'll completely immerse myself in motherhood.

    • Diane Kruger: I was fascinated with history. I am very well traveled and I make it a point to always go to the monuments and read up about it.

    • Diane Kruger: (on what changed after doing "Troy") It certainly has opened up many doors work-wise and I get a lot more job offers. I think the most difficult time starts now because you have the choice to make. [To] choose the good projects and turn down or hold out for the good parts.

    • Diane Kruger: I worry that if I don't succeed I have nothing to fall back on. You get used to a level of independence, a way of life.

    • Diane Kruger: As a child I knew I wanted to leave Germany. I didn't like school much, because the only school I could go to where I lived was a boys' school, and we were the first year of girls they let in. There were three of us to 23 boys, and I was a ballerina, you can just imagine how I got treated.

    • Diane Kruger: Beauty does certainly open doors, but I'd be miserable if I thought that's all I have. I respect actors too much to presume I'm here because I'm pretty.

    • Diane Kruger: (about Wolfgang Petersen) I get along with him so well. Maybe because we're both German.

    • Diane Kruger: I would do anything for a part, nearly anything. Being in movies doesn't mean being pretty.

    • Diane Kruger: (About the character Helen of Troy) Her beauty didn't do her any good and she couldn't use it in any positive way or manipulative way

    • Diane Kruger: (about filming the movie "Troy") It was something strange for me, to kiss Orlando Bloom. I was so embarrassed! It is not as fun as people think to shoot love scenes. You feel vulnerable, and there are about 100 people looking at you.

    • Diane Kruger: I'm a little bit worried about this sudden success. I am quite independent and I'm afraid that this privilege could escape from me.

  • Diane is a great artist

    She has that rare quality of not being so self aware when shes playing. As a former model this is quite remarkable. A very intelligent artist, definately one with a spiritual understanding.
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    Great actress. Though her filmography is not among the greatest and most varied, I must say that I am very surprised with the so much glamour she has managed to gain with so little movies. I really like her sytle and simply I think that she is one of the best actresses around, and she will sure become one great actress in the future.