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  • I have to laugh at all of you who wasted mountains of time bashing Diane for a comment that was so benign as to not merit any more ire from you than if she were to say she didn't like toast.

    I have to laugh at all of you who wasted mountains of time bashing Diane for a comment that was so benign as to not merit any more ire from you than if she were to say she didn't like toast. She wasn't bashing a child's wish or being insensitive to her recent tragedy. It's a magazine, people, quotes are situated in the context the author creates.

    I can imagine that most of you are the strange folks that love Clay Aiken and can't handle anything that might be misconstrued as anti-Clay. You jump on the bandwagon when called to action and probably don't read Entertainment Weekly regularly - which if you did you'd know it is often barbing and sarcastic about things that many your kind love. Can't say I understand you, but you have your right to your preferences. Just don't take it out on an innocent person.

    From personal experience, I can say that Diane is an extremely intelligent, kind and generous woman, who puts the needs of others ahead of herself. If you took any time to do some research, you'd see she's been working with kids for years and is good at it.
  • All you people are just hatin\' cause the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Diane\'s great,a lot better than the rest of those hacks on the show.

    You people don\'t know what you\'re talking about. First off,Clay Aiken DOES suck. On the scale of musical talent,he is at the very bottom with Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. I think Diane did the right thing being truthful and telling the girl they couldn\'t grant her wish to be a singer. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. The girl probably couldn\'t carry a tune in a bucket,but Diane was too decent a person to tell her in such blunt terms.
    I\'d rather watch the show for Diane than for Amy Grant or any of those other phonies. The only reason everybody is praising Grant so much is because they only know her as an established Christian artist and therefore they are being fooled into thinking she\'s all wholesome and nice,which I will bet is a complete lie. They don\'t use Diane in enough of the show. They should downplay Amy Grant\'s long-winded and boring openings at the beginning. All she\'s doing is mugging for the camera anyway. And get rid of that brainless piece of meat,Eric Stromer. I\'ve seen more talent and acting range from a tree stump. Being muscular and blond don\'t mean jack. In closing,if you\'re going to spew venom,at least direct it at the right people.
  • Regarding the unkind and unprofessional comments, made by Miss Mizota about Clay Aiken,for the new Three Wishes TV SHow with AMy Grant.

    I feel that what she said regarding the request of this young lady to meet Mr. Aiken was totally uncalled for. This was not a time for her personal opinion to be expressed (which is how it comes across in the EW article. Why even mention the request, (out of what I assume are thousands of wishes). This was a legitimate request, and to laugh at it, whether she likes Mr. Aiken or not, is very unprofessional to say the least. I give her thumbs down, and will NOT watch the show.
    If Miss Grant was part of this, I give her thumbs down too.Shame on her.
  • What a waste of what should have been a good article to review a new show, expected to help people. Now we know the truth.

    Diane brought the truth out in the article, I have to assume. If not, I wouldn't have thought they would have let it be published. And the truth is, if a child's wish isn't something that fits in the mold of what they think is cool or hip for their show, well, it's just good for a laugh then. Not to be granted, just to be laughed at. To quote "don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh".
    This left me totally believing that this show is only totally self serving and contrived to ride on the coattails of one done much better by people who would never make fun of someone's wish in a national magazine. I'm certainly no longer interested in seeing it! Good job, Diane!
  • Diane, and the EW article, Bad, bad taste left in my mouth. She needs to be reprimanded.

    Person Review:
    Diane Mizota


    I just finished reading the article in EW, in regard to this new show,'Three Wishes'. I WAS looking forward to watching this show, as it sounds inspiring, and some of what we need more of in this country.
    HOWEVER, the negative attitude displayed toward a young girls' wish, being mocked and looked at negatively, (meeting Clay Aiken, whose music soothes her soul) I am one of many, who will not be tuning in to this program.
    They might as well change the viewing demographics now, as EW has managed to 'DISS' SUADE, many, many women of that caliber.
    It is a shame that I am NOT going to be watching an NBC program, as it has always been my favorite station.
    It is also sad to know that Amy Grant, is willingly being a part of a show that has biased co hosts, when the crux of the plot is to make a persons wishes come true.
    This little girl has a GOD given right to not be snickered at behind her back. Her wishes are genuine, and Clay has been able to bring her solace 'without his knowledge', whatsoever.
    Perhaps, NBC should look at 'rethinking their cohosting options, as this program HAD the potential to be a hit.
    At this point, it is already losing its prospective audience, and we are moving on to more 'unbiased shows'. Hmmm, I wonder what is on FOX, (reaches for remote).....
    (As for EW, there are no words to describe their constant negativity, toward something so powerful and emoting, as a man who doesn't fit their 'norm'. We thank GOD for knowing what is real power, and what is not. They are an audible, demonstrative, negative power, and people like Clay, Angelina, Sean Penn, Oprah,Harry Conick, these are the silent positive powers that be. Our nation shall someday overcome the negativity, with the positive.)
    Ms. Mizota, perhaps you can take a class that teaches, integrity, class, compassion, and 'learning to live with half your brain cells'. These would be most beneficial to you. How could you belittle this young girls' hopes and dreams? Your comments are proof positive, that Hollywood is indeed, experienceing some 'rotting insides'. Your job as a host on a children's show, is one of bringing joy, and 'new beginnings', and a smile into the hearts of many children. What a hypocrisy NBC has in YOU. I sure hope that this young girl doesn't get her hands on the disgusting EW article. A public apology seems most necessary, from you, to the young girl, and to NBC,Amy Grant, and America.
    This has also been sent to NBC, and the web site of Amy Grant.

    Marti Goucher
    Portland, Oregon

    ps. the young girl has already read the article, and feels completely humiliated.Thanks to you, Ms.Mizota,and it was her grandmother who was very ill, not a neighbor.She is completely embarrassed by your comments.Way to go! Not very professional, on your part. Edit this review

    posted September 11, 2005 at 10:24:34 AM
  • Diane Mizota isn't a compassionate person. In her capacity as a "genie" from the new show "Three Wishes," she made some cruel remarks in an article about a young girl's wish and why they would never grant it. She shouldn't be on a show that's about help

    I read an article in Entertainment Weekly about Diane Mizota and her role in the new show "Three Wishes." She talked about a young girl's wish to meet a singer (Clay Aiken) and was quoted saying "Don't laugh. Don't laugh" regarding the singer. The young girl I have later discovered was the caregiver to her grandmother who had died an awful death. Why did Diane Mizota have to make such insensitive remarks in this article, a national publication, to hurt this girl and her choice of a wish? She obviously did not like the singer, but should have kept her opinions to herself. She should not be on such a show that's about helping people's dreams come true. She also shouldn't be working with children. She should find a job that does not deal with the public. I'll never watch "Three Wishes" as long as she is a part of it.