Diane Neal

Diane Neal


11/17/1976, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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Diane Neal


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Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Neal moved to Colorado as a child when her father was promoted to federal attorney working out of Denver. The youngest of three girls, Neal graduated from high school early and moved to Hawaii to attend college. Although a pre-med major, Neal soon left…more


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    • Diane Neal: (on Paris Hilton marrying Paris Latsis) If you shout out your own name during sex, it works out well.

    • Diane Neal: (on the Brad and Jennifer Aniston situation) I love Angelina, but it's like "Please! Only use your powers for good!"

    • Diane Neal: (Imitating Casey Novak) This is how it is. You're going to court. I'll see you there. I'll spank ya! Or ... perhaps not.

    • Diane Neal: (on having a baby) Marcus and I have been together for 10 years now...so yeah, it's coming...but you can only really have one pregnant woman (Mariska) on the set when there aren't that many of you!

    • Diane Neal: (on smoking) I watched my Great Aunt Jesse die of lung cancer. It's a disgusting death to watch; 178,000 American women will die from smoking, and I don't want to be one of them.

    • Diane Neal: If I'm at home, I'll stop by Taco Bell. Don't judge me!

    • Diane Neal: My older sister has all her degrees in theater, and I couldn't stand the theater geeks!

    • Diane Neal: My friends and family know me to be silly, funny and a little ridiculous,so when I first meet new people, they might expect a stern cross-examination, but they quickly learn that Casey doesn't get to express her humor as much as I do.

    • Diane Neal: I'm usually dressed like a four-year-old boy. I'm trying to dress more like a lady.

    • Diane Neal: If you put like a whoopie cushion under someone's chair, like under a witness chair, and it's like the witness is crying about how they were raped, people will kill you.

    • Diane Neal: You really, really appreciate every day that you're making what to normal people is a ludicrous amount of money to say things that aren't true.

  • A very gifted and versatile actress.

    I was hooked on Law & Order SVU when I saw Diane Neal as ADA Casey Novak.

    I know there are plenty of Cabot's fans around the web, but the previous ADA wasn't moving me like Casey does.

    And Casey couldn't drag and move fans without the fabulous actress portraying her.

    ADA Novak is strong, and yet she can show her emotions without us thinking less of her.

    There are a couple episodes in which she shows her incredible talent. Just to name a couple:

    - 5x05 "Serendipity" : when she interrups Elliot and Olivia's interogation. Her 'by the book?" is amazing.

    - 7x22 "Influence" : where she talks about her ex boyfriend, putting first a brave front before talking to Olivia. And right at the very very end, after "But nobody saved him" seems like she hesitates to look up at Olivia, afraid she might judge her?

    - 6x16 "Ghost": when Alex says they should continue preparing her testimony and Casey answers that she thinks she's ready. Look at Casey's facial expression, eyes and jaw, how she takes the blow from Alex "are you?".

    - 6x20 "Night": the fight scene is great and the one in the hospital is as well, especially when she asks if he raped her.

    - 6x19 "Intoxicated" : when Olivia tells Casey about her abusive mother, how Casey comes from 'an other teen story' to deeply moved by Olivia's confession.

    Since I saw her on SVU, I've been eager to see her in her previous roles.

    In SVU, she portrayed a female rapist in 3x10, Ridicule.

    Her character is just too much, you want to strangle her! She's got one hell of an attitude, and it's funny to see her opposite ADA Alex Cabot. Even funnier that she'll replace her two seasons later!

    Her 'only' movie credit is in Wes Craven's Dracula (2:Ascension, and 3:Legacy).

    She doesn't have much screen time but she does a lot with a rather "thin" character.

    As usual with Mrs Neal, the best (but not only) way to witness her great acting talent is watching her eyes.

    When she becomes a Vampire in Dracula 2, her eyes turn green, waou it's fabulous.

    And what to say about her final scene in Dracula 3, when she begs her friend Luc to save her by killing her? That was really a deeply moving scene.

    Her first role was in Ed, 1x15 Loyalties where she plays a singer. Doesn't last longer than a couple seconds but you won't miss the deep voice.

    Oh and on a side note, Ms Neal really looks gorgious, and even more with her red hair, blond doesn't really make any sense.moreless
  • A great person.

    Diane Neal became famous for her role as Casey Novak on Law and Order: SVU. She did a fabulous and very believable job as Casey. She really put emotion into her character. Since leaving SVU, Diane has gone to travel the world with her husband, Marcus. She is a down to earth person who is very passionate about the state of our economy. She is a funny person, unlike the serious Casey Novak. She really puts a great effort into her work as an actress, and doesn't choose to flaunt it like other people. A great actress and role model.moreless