Diane Pershing




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Diane Pershing was born and raised in Queens, New York. She enjoyed reading very much while growing up which led to her future as a romance writer. When she got older, Diane went to UCLA. When she graduated she didn't have a specific career in mind so she sang back-up for several people like Johnny Mathis. She continued to work as a disk jockey and film critic.

She was noticed for her beautiful voice and became a voice actor in several cartoons. Her most famous cartoon character was the seductive and popular role of Poison Ivy in the animated Batman Series. Diane has done millions of commercials and infomercials in the past years as wel.

Diane also became interested in writing romance novels. She wrote many wonderful novels such as "Sultry Whispers", a series of books called "Loveswept", and also her most recent "Cassie's Cowboy".