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  • quinn

    i love Dianna argon you are the best! im your bested fan ever? when ever i watch on telly and i see you im like wow look how beautiful..

  • A beautiful woman, inside and out.


    Dianna Agron is a wonderful person. I think she's much better as herself than playing anyone. (Though I've never disliked her acting, some people don't like it.) I love how she respects herself and keeps her personal life seperate from her professional life. It's so rare that a celebrity says that he or she is uncomfortable with talking about their childhood, or who they're dating, and she does. When controversy rose over a photoshoot, she made an apology that people were offended, but also said that it was her chioce and she stands by it. On the Glee tour, she bought a "Likes Girls" t-shirt from the concert merchandise stands and wore it on stage. While many ignorant people pegged her as an attention-seekinglesbian, she explained on her blog that it was to support LGBT people. People should be able to love who they want to, no matter what gender they are. If she was LGBT then she only hopes that her family would be loving and supportive no matter what. When she saw how much her posts on her Tumblr account effected people, she decided to make an amazing website. (You, Me & Charlie is an art collective by her, her friends, and fan contributors, made to battle negativity in the world.) She has an awesome sense of music and art, and a crazy imagination. She is the ONLY star whose Tweets often involve her fans. She doesQ&As, and reposts some questions with answers. She gives challenges, like towrite toan old friend, to make everybodys' day happier.

    Then there's the fact that she is gorgeous. And she likes animal rights, volunteering, elephants, and octopi.

    What is not perfect about her?