Dianne Foster





10/31/1928 , Edmonton Alberta Canada

Birth Name

Dianne Laruska




This very stylish Canadian actress was a teenage fashion model in the 1940s and had her own Canadian radio show by the time she was 19. Her acting career began in England - she appeared in Orson Welles's stage production of "Othello" in 1952 - and she was swept off to Hollywood in her mid-20s. She was an actress well-liked by legendary director John Ford - he put her in "The Last Hurrah" and "Gideon's Day" - but too many of her films were routine, and she concentrated mostly on TV for the last decade of her acting career. She turned up on most of the big shows of the day, especially "Perry Mason", where she kept on coming back as a guest; but by the time she was forty, she had decided that family came first. Her first husband was TV scriptwriter Joel Murcott ("Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Bonanza" and many other shows).