Dianne Wiest





3/28/1948 , Kansas City, Missouri

Birth Name

Dianne Evelyn Wiest




Dianne Wiest is an American film, television and stage actress from Kansas City, Missouri. She was born on March 28th, 1948; her mother was a Scottish immigrant, and her father was a psychiatric social worker in the U.S. Army. Although Miss Wiest was a successful theatre actress for over ten years, taking her first roles as a college student at the University of Maryland, she did not appear on film until It's My Turn, released in 1980. A chance meeting with director Woody Allen became a landmark event in her career, and, as Wiest's film star soared, she was forced to reduce her live theatrical performances. Dianne Weist never completely abandoned live theater, however, and appears regularly in productions on- and off-Broadway. Her recent stage appearances include The Seagull, in which she starred opposite Alan Cumming; All My Sons, in which she shared the stage with Katie Holmes, Patrick Wilson and John Lithgow; and Rasheeda Speaking, directed by Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) and costarring Tony Award winner Tonya Pinkins.

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