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Dichen Lachman


Dichen Lachman Fan Reviews (3)

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  • plastic surgery monsters

    Anybody help - i do not want to be unfair - but this woman looks so extremely artificial, that i can only wonder, why one would put her into a movie. i have seen older pics of her with another nose. shes looking so grotesque.
  • I really liked you when you were on Neighbours because I thought you had a cute nobby nose.

    I am a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped every episode with you as Katya Kinski in Neighbours from 2005 onwards.

    I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching Neighbours with family and friends.

    I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.
  • Dichen is an up and coming actress who is really trying her hardest to break into the industry. Hopefully \"Neighbours\" { Channel 10 Australia } will be just the beginning.

    Dichen is an up and coming actress who has really gone through the hoops to get a role on Neighbours. I can attest to her determination and the hard work that she has put into her present role. The only way to get a role is to never never give up . It can be quite upsetting when you walk out of a screen test and know that the director / producer is not interested. Especially for someone who does not fit the present stereotype of caucasion teen idol. Acting is a difficult industry and Dichen has shown real determination. Quite a few times she even made her own DVD audition tapes and sent them directly to the producers. Whenever she heard that a new movie was coming up she would try to find out who the producer was and how she could contact them. In essence it is a lousy industry but great fun when you get good part. I hope that she succeeds in Neighbours and moves on to greater things.