Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus


12/9/1942, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Richard Marvin Butkus


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Dick is a Legendary NFL Player with the Chicago Bears. After a stellar career at Illinois, he was drafted by the Bears in 1965 (the same year Chicago signed Gale Sayers). Butkus performed superbly on relatively poor Chicago teams.


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  • This guy is a okay as a novice actor, but not experienced and not the worst. When he entered Hang Time, he is grumpy, but in seasons 5-6 of Hang Time, he did better with his improving jokes. I would say he would be placed second-best under Megan Parlen.moreless

    This former NFL player, of the Chicago Bears, is alright an actor, but no the best. He reminds me of those actors, Dolph Sweet and Vic Tayback, who are both deceased. All three of them are grumpy and old, but they sometimes overact. But Dick Butkus can make jokes better than the other two guys. I like his basketball coaching besides football in Hang Time. He can act in sports, but not most in shows. Since the critics liked him alot, I would say make Dick a second-best actor, even half-way experienced, under the best of Hang Time, Megan Parlen.moreless