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  • Dick Clark is a popular culture icon.

    Dick Clark is such a well-known icon for culture and music. He has hosted shows like "American Bandstand" and "The $25,000 Pyramid". I even heard him on the radio when he did "Rock, Roll and Remember" and the "US Music Survey".

    One other thing that Dick Clark is most famous for is hosting the New Year's Eve celebrations from Times Square. It's a shame he had a small stroke, but that didn't stop him from hosting. He still has his self-esteem and all. Believe it or not, he has just turned 80 years old! And who knows if he'll make it to his 40th year hosting New Year's from Times Square.

    All in all, he's the greatest world's oldest teenager that ever lived. Dick Clark rocks!
  • With American Bandstand and New Year's Rockin' Eve and other productions, it's just not TV without Dick Clark!

    Glad he is STILL around to ring in the New Year with all of us....

    I watched him for years on American Bandstand...and for years enjoyed seeing his telecasts from Times Square on New Year's Eve....amidst ALL those people! lol

    Even with his stroke, he still has the same spirit he has always had. He truly is an institution..
  • One of the most recognized gameshow and music hosts.

    Ho doubt Dick Clark is one of the more recognized voices on tv since forever. "American Bandstand" or "Bandstand" as it was originally called showcased many talents like Madonna, Run DmC and wannabee singers like John Travolta who went to become more recognized as an actor than a singer.

    However, the person leaves A LOT to be desired, probably one of the more egomaniacs I've seen especially after his unprofessionalism toward Michael Moore in the movie "Michael and Me", where Clark and other gameshow legend Bob Eubanks really make themselves to be no more than self-serving celebrities.

    However, his mark can't be denied but the person as mentioned leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Dick Clark is an original IMO!

    Dick Clark is an original IMO and that it is
    So sad that he won't be the same Dick
    Due to that mini stroke that he suffered and that he
    Is an inspiration to all of the stroke victims to know
    That it ain't the end of the world and that he
    Really, really, is an inspiration IMO!