Dick Martin


Dick Martin Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Dick shares a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Dan Rowan. It is located at 7080 Hollywood Blvd.

    • As a teenager, Dick lost a lung due to suffering from tuberculosis.

    • Dick Martin met Dan Rowan in 1952. They became a comedy partnership until 1977 when they split amicably.

    • Dick Martin married a London Playboy bunny, Dolly Read, twice. They were married on August 22, 1971, but were divorced in 1975. However, they were remarried on May 11, 1978 and remained married until his death on May 24, 2008.

    • Dick Martin was first married to Peggy Connelly. They had two sons, Richard Martin and Cary Martin.

    • After graduating from high school, Dick Martin worked in a Ford car assembly plant.

  • Quotes

    • Dick: My life has been divided into three parts in the show-business world: nightclubs, television, and then I was a director for 30 years of television shows. And I think the most fun I ever had was nightclubs. I loved nightclubs.